Why Businesses Are Increasingly Switching to AWS Cloud Computing

Why Businesses Are Increasingly Switching to AWS Cloud Computing

Cloud is the new normal for businesses of all sizes. With businesses experiencing heavy traffic, it is getting significantly challenging to assign the assets to take care of the expanded need. It has become progressively expensive and complex to keep up with data storage requirements based on in-house infrastructure and resources. This is why all businesses – large and small – are migrating to the cloud. With over a million users across the world using Amazon web services cloud computing, more businesses across diverse verticals are adding to the number each day. AWS database migration, with its highly flexible public cloud infrastructure, offers many benefits to businesses, allowing them to grow. Here are four primary reasons why businesses are increasingly switching to AWS cloud computing.

#1 Security

Businesses experience a security boost after AWS database migration. By migrating to AWS, businesses benefit from Amazon’s robust cybersecurity best practices and expertise. AWS is responsible for maintaining the top security levels of the cloud service you use. It allows your business to shave off the costs associated with having in-house infrastructure and experts. From app security to firewall, encryption, access security, and identity protection, AWS takes care of your security needs so that you can focus on scaling your business.

#2 Better Mobility

Amazon web services cloud computing offers greater mobility when compared with in-house setups. You can access business data from anywhere in the world and from any device in just a few steps. There is no need for extra investments in software, hardware, and a large team of technicians to make your data mobile. Regardless of whether it is your first move to the cloud or you are migrating from another cloud platform, Amazon cloud services providers in India such as i2k2 Networks have got you covered.

#3 Improved Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is not an issue for businesses using AWS cloud computing. Before cloud, the standard protocol was to have a backup of all the business data on another physical location. This is not a secure method due to hardware failures. AWS helps businesses set up cloud-based disaster recovery that automatically backups any new data entries. This not only saves and protects your business data but also costs associated with hardware and human resources.

#4 Cost-Effective

AWS cloud computing is cost-effective as compared to other alternatives. Businesses only need to pay for the resources that they use with the ability to scale up or down at any time according to need. The pay-as-you-use pricing model offers significant savings in the long run.


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