What’s the importance of a Professional Web Design for a Business?

Many professional website design companies can offer good web designs as well as website design services but charge for a high price. Many companies are also there that provide cheap web design but the quality of the design is poor usually.

Today, mostly customers use search engines to look out for services and products. They don’t use the telephone etc. Therefore, your website should be very professional and should provide the required information very clearly.

The important aspects of a professional website are:

1. Service/ Product related information on home page: This is one of the most important aspects which so many website companies missed. Main page of many websites are made up of flash banners and consists of the content related to ‘About Us’ of the company. The fact is that if the client actually interested in buying your product then only he would be interested to know more about the company. So, provide the key information of your products and services with prices and specs on the home page.

2. No heavy animations or flash intros: Strictly no for today’s websites. You cannot make a client wait and can’t show him a flash animation which takes time to load.

3. Contact Information on home pages: Many companies display the contact numbers in their ‘Contact Us’ pages only. Customer always wants to know where you are located and how they can contact you either by Email or Phone/Fax. So, this information should be displayed on your main page, service/support pages, product catalogue pages and of course on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

4. Easy Navigation: You should give your customers a clean navigational structure which is easy to use as they require finding information on your website or otherwise they will leave.

5. Website copy is important: Because it grows the business as good written content on your website makes visitors learn and react and also encourage them to buy your products. It is also very important to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

6. Avoid Broken Links/ Dead Links: If your website doesn’t contain content in a particular page then do not link that page to another page. Many online tools are available now that can sniff out dead links and avoid ‘Page cannot be displayed’ situation to your customers.

So, I hope these tips would be very beneficial for your business.