What makes Zimbra Email Hosting Secure?

Zimbra Email Hosting advantages

The advancement of mobile and cloud computing has dramatically shifted the mode of business communication from personal computers to mobile devices. Organizations have updated legacy messaging and collaboration systems to address the changing threat and technology landscapes with the resulting shift.  Zimbra Email Hosting as a messaging and collaboration platform is regarded as the core of the business communication these days. Zimbra email hosting services act as the mission-critical component of the organization’s information infrastructure. Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is flexible, extensible and most reliable software when it comes to delivering information security and technology program to different verticals of organizations.

Why Zimbra Email Hosting?

As users communicate and collaborate with each other every single minute over different channels, they use emails, instant messaging, web conferences, phone conversations, voice mails, and even face-to-face meetups. Zimbra email server hosting services offer comprehensive compliances and governance practices which help mitigate malicious activities in a proactive manner.

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When users seek the help of different tools and environments for managing the business communications, a lot of time is wasted for looking contact information, searching through sets of messages and accessing different systems.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite simplifies the communication environment, connects people and offer a single place to manage collaboration and communication. Its approach towards security and privacy guides the information infrastructure of the organization. Also, secure email, file collaboration and messaging have taken up as the top priorities for day-to-day businesses.

Reasons why Zimbra Email Hosting is the Best

Zimbra email hosting comes with these advantages that make it most secure.

  • Connecting end users seamlessly with their inbox: Zimbra offers a rich browser-based experience to its users that enables them to connect securely to their personal clouds seamless across any device or platform. The smarter mailbox helps the users to manage information and activities throughout their email, voice, social, calendar, address book, tasks, briefcase, and enterprise applications. Zimbra comes with the facility of anywhere access, both offline and online, that lets user synch data across multiple devices and smartphones and maintaining compatibility with all the existing calendar clients and desktop email, as well. 
  • Managed IT-as-a-Service: Zimbra offers the choice of running securely in any private cloud environment as a virtual appliance or hosted in the public cloud. The virtual appliance enables the IT admins to deploy their own private emails instantly and the collaboration cloud on top of VMware vSphere without the complex installation and configuration process. Zimbra uses an open architecture and data APIs to integrate seamlessly with the existing and new enterprise applications.
  • Secure chats and Instant Messaging: Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) includes a free chat client that allows users to communicate using an Instant Messaging platform that itself is fully integrated into the Zimbra Web client. This feature provides users the ability to Add and Manage IM Buddies, select status between 4 different options- Online, Busy, Away, and Invisible and communicate in a hassle-free manner with the colleagues. Unlike other IM clients, Zimbra also offers private IM sessions between two users in a secure environment without any external intervention.
  • Online Document Editing: Users that are concerned about the security of the files or attachments after downloading it to the desktop for editing, can now use Zimbra with rich editing experience. With a feature like in-browser editing, users can create and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets using the Zimbra web client. Users can share the docs securely over a channel with co-workers and external clients. These feature help businesses maximize productivity and agility as it involves the sophisticated cloud-based office suite from all over the world.
  • End-to-End Security: With Zimbra’s end-to-end security, users get remote access encrypted with SSL using desktop, web and mobile devices. The real-time virus or spam filter makes it secure and powerful to be used among trusted clients.

As we witness a shift in security paradigm and evolution in threat landscapes, Zimbra Collaboration Suite proves to meet the constantly changing business needs of organizations through its best-in-class email hosting features. The robust platform provided by Zimbra offer secure, private messaging and collaboration attributes, regardless of the platform being used. 

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