What Is Web Hosting

Just before starting about web hosting we must understand about the Internet. Internet is one of the most common word in digital world. Internet also known as World Wide Web (www) is a network of the machines (computers) that are connected to each other via different topologies like star, mesh, loop, bus, mesh etc. Internet Services Providers (ISP) are those who provide you Internet. With the help of internet and computer users can access host websites, share their web files like images, web pages, flash etc. File sharing is achieved by a software know as web server software. Apache and IIS (Internet Information Server) are most known web servers.

With the help of browsers like Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Opera, Safari users send the requests on the internet and access the websites.

If you want your website will exist on the internet community, your website needs to be hosted on the web server. Web server is a powerful computer that can give quick response in return of thousands of requests for your website pages. The company that sells space on these web servers to the website owners like you is known as Web Hosting Provider. The company provides high band-width connection to the internet for full time because user can easily access your websites.