What is VAPT and how does it support Cyber and Data Security?

Understand Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Cybersecurity is one of the most crucial concerns for every enterprise and technology administrators today. Hackers these days are aware of all the general vulnerabilities that businesses are subject to and are ready to compromise the security as per their convenience. It is very important to guard businesses against cybersecurity and make the most of the opportuneness online. Companies are reaching their client base, global suppliers and hitting international markets through an online platform. However, online media is always at a higher risk for scams and attacks. A strong cybersecurity strategy can help businesses from the budgetary strain.

Understand Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) is the testing process that detects the security flaws within an application software program or a network. VAPT basically comprises of two parts:

  1. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) – VA is a process that takes charge of complete assessment to seek and discover flaws within an application.
  2. Penetration Testing (PT) – PT is conducted to understand whether the identified vulnerability exists by examining and exploiting the system.

The VA tools identify which vulnerabilities exist without differentiating between the defects that exploit to initiate loss and the one that doesn’t. Vulnerability scanners are responsible to alert the organizations about the pre-existing faults in their system configuration and help locate them. Whereas, penetration tests detect exploitable defects and discover the degree of these defects. It helps in discovering the nature of the flaws and its depth within the application. Both these processes combine to implement a comprehensive understanding of the defects that exist within the system network and the relevant prospects of the flaws.

Concurrently, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tools implement a comprehensive understanding of the defects that exist in a system network and the prospects correlated with those flaws.

Role of VAPT for Cyber and Data Security:

The adoption of technology to gain speedy growth of IoT, mobile applications, has made the networks more vulnerable than ever. VAPT methods are designed to support users to authenticate their enterprise-level security against the real-world threat, recognize the risks of the system and the network and know the consequences of these flaws. Every industry spends a fair amount of share in their security systems. Taking charge and confirming the reliability and robustness of the processes is highly important. VAPT services help improve networks and immune the security system and guard it against hackers. 

Common Cause of Vulnerabilities:

The misconfiguration and inaccuracy in programming practices leads to some of the causes of vulnerabilities:

  1. Poor architecture or network design
  2. Unsuccessful or misconfigured systems
  3. System connected to an unprotected network
  4. Complicated hardware or software structure
  5. Weak password combinations

Benefits of VAPT Services:

VAPT services offer extreme benefits to organizations when it comes to security. Here are some of its major advantages:

  1. Rendering a comprehensive outlook of potential threats within the network
  2. Help the organization recognize configurations errors and loopholes that lead to cyber attacks
  3. Design risk management strategies
  4. Secure the reliability and market reputation of the organization
  5. Protects network from both inside and outside threats
  6. Safeguard data from malicious attacks
  7. Protects unauthorized access and prevents data loss
  8. Help accomplish compliance standards


Overlooking the VAPT demands of an organization can lead to tremendous data and financial loss. i2k2 Networks is all set to add VAPT services as one of their offerings, helping organizations to know the complete list of flaws and their consequences associated with their network.

i2k2 Networks combines both the Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) methods to check whether sufficient encryption is employed within the system or not, the absence of which could lead to major security breaches.

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