What is the Scope of SEO in India?

SEO is a well-known term these days. In this article, I am trying to let you know the scope of the term SEO in India.

SEO which is known as Search Engine Optimization is the back bone of all the companies of Online Marketing, without which their success in entire world is not possible at any cost. For Online Marketing, SEO is as important as fish without water, tree without leaves and human without oxygen.

SEO increases the visibility of the website. If your website is not getting traffic then it means you are not getting visitors and thus you are not able to sale your product through your website. And ultimately the company will not grow and it may be possible that the company will loose its market value and after that it may loose its name in the market.

Therefore, we have to do the search engine optimization of that website so that visitors can come to it and we can convert them into our clients/customers.

When I started my carrier in doing search engine optimization before two years then truly speaking, I did not know who is SEO actually? But, if I am talking about today, there are number of people in India who do not know the meaning of the word SEO. Even many of them around me ask me is it SEO means Senior Executive Officer just like CEO means Chief Executive Officer.

So, I will not agree that today, SEO is a well known term in India but yes I am damn sure that after 2-3 years I will agree with it. Many people those who are using internet for shopping and all for any means are bit aware from it. Thank God! As there were number of people who did not know even how to use websites or how to use internet and what is the use of it? But the world of net banking in ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank etc. is playing a big role in increasing the role of internet in common people.

Hence, demand of website design, development and SEO is increasing day by day in India. And if the number of websites increases then demand for SEO will also increase automatically.

Therefore, in near future, I can see a good prospect of search engine optimization in India or I can say the scope of SEO in India in near future is quite good.