What is the Importance of Keyword Research in SEO?

Keyword Research is the most important aspect in any Search Engine Optimization initiative that I am going to discuss in this article.

Keyword Phrase Research is processes of choosing the most optimum performance keyword phrases that helps the visitors to find your site. You may have spent too much time on your web pages for a better ranking with the search engines, but there will be no use of it if the relevant keyword phrases are not targeted. Infact, after achieving high search engine rankings, you may not get relevant traffic if you choose the wrong keywords. So, the main step in any SEO campaign is to identify your target audience and research what keyword phrases they might be searching in the search engines to locate a site like yours.

It is important to know your audience and the means to reach them for any marketing strategy to succeed. A certain focus is needed that could be region specific, location specific, or country specific; it could be business, service, trade, product specific, since I am talking specific audience.

How can one get the facts and the data regarding a particular search term?

Many online keyword research tools are available such as Wordtracker and Overture that offer data pertaining to your search term. To analyze keyword phrase data, relying on search tools will help you to get a grip on your target audience.

What Keyword Research Process involves?

Keyword Research process includes the following important steps. These steps are:

•    Discovering Keywords:
The Discovering phase focuses on identifying many keywords that are related to your target audience and website.

•    Analyzing Keywords: The Analysis phase is about adding information about existing competition; potential for ranking and Page Rank based limitations.

•    Selecting Keywords:
The Selection phase involves objective measurement based shortlisting of keywords keeping the site focus and target audiences within the limitations analyzed.

•    Deploying Keywords: The Deploying phase involves making optimum use of your selected keywords on your website copy, tags and HTML code.

I hope now you know the importance of Keyword Research and will definitely keep it in your mind.