What is Facilities Management

Before embarking on to state anything about what is facilities management and advantages that any company stand to derive from it, it would be nice if an understanding of the term is provided. Well, facilities management oversees the building of an office and its properties and ensures that everything is functioning properly. These days an office has lots of sensitive and expensive equipments which need to be taken care of and which need a very careful handling. Similarly an office has several other assets as well which has to be taken care of.

A proper handling of all the office resources would ensure that one would have to spend very little on the resources as all of them would be in top condition all the year round. To ensure that all aspects of the company and its facilities are nicely taken care of facility management should rely on entire network of support services. It must be understood that facilities management oversees all jobs which include reception, security, information management, IT management, customer service etc.

The answer to what is facilities management can be summed up by stating that it encompasses everything that is related to an organization right from its building to infrastructure. It would not be out of place to mention here that there are lots of companies that offer facility management services.

This is a huge respite for the parent companies as they can simply outsource facility management services to a company that specializes in it. This would relive the parent company of a lot of hassles and allow them to concentrate on their core competencies. No wonder there are several companies which specifically look into facilities management and with the way outsourcing of facilities management is gaining popularity it can only be said that coming days would see more and more of facilities management companies coming into existence.