What is article spinning?

Article spinning is refers to a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique which is attempt by website or blog owners to manipulate their rank on Google and other search engines. It works by re-writing existing articles or parts of articles and replacing the elements to avoid being penalized in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) for using irrelevant and duplicate content. The original articles are plagiarized from other sites and they can also be copyright infringements if the original article was used without taken the copyright owner’s permission.

So, you can say article Spinning is the process in which a website owner or a copywriter creates a new article out of an existing article by rewriting it. Typically, words and phrases are substituted to put a new spin on the article. You can buy article spinning software to rewrite automatically an article for you but I would recommend that if you choose to do it you get it done by a human copywriter.  A copywriter can rewrite your existing articles for about 1 cent per word.

Whereas, writing your own unique content is as best as the search engine are concerned, spinning an article does have its advantages. By submitting articles to article directories, if you are trying to increase the traffic to your site, a spun version can help you bypass the search engines “duplicate content” filters. Lets take an example, if you want to submit 1 of your articles to 20 different article directories, then you could “spin” 20 different versions of the article and submit 1 to each article directory.

Now, I hope you have understand what Article spinning is.