What can Twitter DO and DON’TS?

Twitter is called a relationship building tool as well as relationship maintenance tool but mostly the use of Twitter is to meet potential customers and leads the same way you would at networking event.

What are the Types of tweets?

1.    What you’re reading – Just post a link to an interesting blog post or news article
2.    What you’re watching:- Just post a link to a cool video from Hulu or YouTube
3.    An observation – Tweet about what you’re doing, feeling or thinking.
4.    Chat with someone – Send messages using an @ sign
5.    Promote your content – Just post a link to your most recent company or personal blog article
6.    What events you are going to – You can share a link to the next conference you plan to attend
7.    Promote others content –  You can post a link to someone one’s blog article as a helpful resource
8.    Retweet what someone one has said – To repeat what someone has said,
Retweet by using RT or Retweet in the beginning of the message

What you can do with Twitter?

1.    Develop and promote your brand
2.    Track what people are saying about your brand and company.
3.    Promote other content you have created, including webinars, podcasts or blog posts
4.    Create buzz around upcoming events
5.    Interact with your customer base
6.    Help individual employees act as liaisons to the public
7.    Develop direct relationships with journalists and bloggers for potential PR  placement

What Twitter Handle DON’TS?

1.    Do not use numbers (Joanne123). Unless there is a reason for the specific numbers. It also gives you the appearance that you are not putting thought into your username.

2.    Do not make your Twitter handle something completely random. This is a lost branding opportunity for you and your company.

3.    Do not use an underscore (PR_Max). Using an underscore will not hurt you, still be aware that it generally is never done. Use at risk of seeming unaware of the “social norms”.

I hope you will keep all these information in mind while using Twitter.