What are the different ways to Market on Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook. And I am very much facebookthankful to Facebook because I can add my friends, send them messages and also I can update my personal profiles to notify friends. The most important thing is that I can use of it for my business and I am glad that today I am successful businessman.

Marketing on social networks is not so easy but there are some ways to achieve success. In this article, some tips are there that I want to share them with you on how to harness the news feed for peddling a person, product or cause that will coax people to do things that are visible to others:

Ways are:

1.    Create a profile: You can not make a friend until you do not have your own profile on Facebook. So, create your profile first.

2.    Host an event and post it: If you have any event or occasion, if you don’t have then host it and then post it on Facebook just to compare your costume party with one who was in better dress than you or better then others.

3.    Share a funny video or picture: You can share some funny video or any picture with your friends on it. You can impress any special person also. In fact, I like the one when glow sticks are liquified, and my colleague Zury brought it to my attention by sharing it via Facebook.

4.    Post pictures: These may include candid shots of people, products or other related items. If Facebook users are in these photos, then either they or their friends can tag them, and these tags can show up on the news feed.

5.    Post news articles: Latest news about a person or organization is a great item to share on Facebook.

6.    Write a note: This is a best way to directly communicate with people sans the filters of spin doctors and journalists.It is very important to note that people have, can, and are creating groups, sharing media, and writing notes about organizations, people and causes. There is nothing stopping organizations from entering the fray to get their voice heard too.

So, these are the tips that are also applicable to marketing on other sites. I hope you enjoy using Facebook. If you have any additional ideas, please share them with me.