What are the different forms of Digital marketing ?

Digital Marketing means to promote brands by using all forms of digital advertising which now includes Radio, Television, mobile, Internet and any other form of digital media.

This type of marketing is the practice of promoting services and products using various digital distribution channels to reach consumers in a relevant, timely, personal as well as cost-effective manner.

There are two  different forms of digital marketing Pull and Push, each has its pros and cons.


Pull digital marketing technologies include the user having to seek out and directly pull (select) the content, often via web search. Web site or blogs and streaming media are good examples of this. In  these examples, users have a specific link (URL) to view the content.


  • The size of content is generally unlimited, since requests are inherently opt-in·
  • Advanced technology is not required to send static content, only to display/ store it


  • Marketing effort which are considerable needed for users to find the content/ message
  • Some types of marketing content may be blocked in mixed content scenarios·


Push digital marketing technologies include both the marketer (message creator) and the recipients (the user). SMS, Email, RSS are examples of push digital marketing. In these examples, the marketer has to push (send) the messages to the users (or subscribers) for the message to be received.


  • Can deliver content immediately
  • Consistent delivery
  • Better targeting
  • Better data


  • Higher cost
  • Smaller audience
  • Lesser discoverability

So, these are the two forms of Digital Marketing.