What are Mobile Web and Mobile Internet?

The Mobile Web refers to browser-based web services like the WAP, World Wide Web and i-Mode, Japan is using a mobile device like a PDA, cell phone, or other portable gadget to connect to a public network. Such access does not need a desktop computer and not a fixed landline connection. In 2008, the total number of mobile web users grew past the total number of PC based internet users for the first time. Web access from a mobile device is as simple as Web access from a desktop computer.

But today, Mobile Web access suffers from usability and interoperability problems. 50% of this problem is due to the incompatibility of the format of much information available on the Internet with mobile devices and 50% is due to the small size of the screens of mobile devices and other device limitations.

What is Mobile Internet?

The access to the Internet using a mobile wireless modem is called as Mobile Internet either integrated in an independent device like PCMCIA card, USB modem or into a mobile phone.

Currently, USB modems are HSPA (3.5-3.75G) modems. Various users use their mobile telephones as a way of connecting their personal computer to the Internet via GPRS, 3G or CSD.

Many Mobile Web companies like Mobile Web Initiative has a goal to make browsing the Web from mobile devices a reality. They are working so that they can improve Web content production and can improve the access for the greater Web and mobile users.

Now, I hope you understand the meaning of Mobile Web and Mobile Internet.