VoIP Phone System: Good for your Business

It is true that Voice over IP is now changing the face of business telephony. VoIP phone systems have many immediate benefits compared to traditional PBX systems. Get the right VoIP Phone System for your home or office a breeze according to your needs or budget as there are various types of VoIP Phones Systems. These Systems offer un-compromised functionality, cost savings, flexibility and advanced features that improve productivity.

VoIP Phone Systems has following features:

  • Easy to use, manage, and affordable
  • 20-40% savings on monthly phone bills
  • 40-70% cost savings at installation
  • Seamlessly connects remote offices

VoIP Phone Systems also includes:

  • Caller ID
  • Call transfer
  • Call waiting
  • Repeat dial
  • Three-way calling
  • Return call

With VoIP Phone Systems you can do the following:

  • Send the call directly to voice mail
  • Forward the call to a particular number
  • Give the caller a busy signal
  • Send the caller to a funny rejection hotline
  • Play a “not-in-service” message

Advantages of Using VoIP Phone Systems:

  • This technology uses the Internet’s packet-switching capabilities to provide phone service.
  • Has several advantages over circuit switching. Let’s take an example of packet switching which allows several telephone calls to occupy the amount of space occupied by only one in a circuit-switched network.
  • Using PSTN, 10-minute phone call consumed 10 full minutes of transmission time at a cost of 128 Kbps. But with VoIP, that same call may occupied only 3.5 minutes of transmission time at a cost of 64 Kbps and leaving another 64 Kbps free for that 3.5 minutes, also an additional 128 Kbps for the remaining 6.5 minutes.
  • Another three or four calls could easily fit into the space which is used by a single call under the conventional system.

So, these are all about VoIP Phone System that can be good for your business.