Virtual Server Hosting Is Suitable For Growing Firms

Virtual server hosting is ideal for you if you own an organization that is growing steadily and requires a web hosting server that can match the requirements of your website at each step. In this type of web hosting, you get the best of dedicated as well as shared servers, which is exactly what your site needs. In virtual hosting, a private and completely secure part of a server is provided to you.

For such a server, you can select the OS, booting frequency and all details independent of other partitions of the server, since it performs as an individual server. This type of hosting is also called VPS hosting and provides highly cost effective, secure and individualized experience. Some features of this type of web hosting are listed below:

  • Performance same as that of isolated stand-alone servers, but much cheaper
  • A secure, economical and more viable substitute for dedicated servers
  • Installation of applications, including customized ones, is possible
  • Off-the-shelf software can be operated on virtual servers without requiring any kind of modification
  • Effective root access allows you to install and configure programs as per your business’ requirements
  • Can be used to store files, backing up etc.
  • Several types of servers like FTP servers, mail servers etc. can be hosted on it.

These features make VPS or VPN hosting the ideal choice for small to medium sized firms that are experiencing growth and require excellent features at low prices.