Virtual Private Server (VPS) Vs Share hosting

Type of Web hosting is based on the need and requirements of the customers. VPS hosting is actually suggestible for websites with lot of interactivity like information gathering, data transmission, sales etc. A high-flown business requires easy and faster downloads as well as sales interaction to attract and satisfy their potential customers.

On the other hand, many businessmen want to start business on the web from the scratch, with a low budget. Shared web hosting offers them a platform to establish their site.

1.    Web Server OS and software application

Shared web hosting: They are designed to host a single operating system and software applications on the server which is shared by different customers.
VPS web hosting: For that particular VPS server, the servers are unique complete operating system. All the other add-on tools and software application are installed for individual web hosting customers. They are designed to host various on-line companies on a single, physical host server. You can still share the same physical hard drive with VPS as other websites.

2.    Resources

Shared web hosting: In this, there are the limited resources and a customer must share it with hundreds of other websites.
VPS web hosting: Leasing a VPS allows you the ability to have more resources allocated to your websites. With VPS a set amount of memory, and hard drive space is allocated to the customer. This is especially important for websites that are resource intensive.

3.    Private Email Server & IP Address

Shared web hosting: It offers a cheap solution for the start up companies running on budget as they share the same email server and IP address.
VPS hosting: It provides a private individual email server for each customer and also a unique IP address for the VPS server. Many large businesses need their emails coming from unique IP address. It allows them to deliver the emails faster as well as spam filter quality gets higher also.

4.    Customization

Shared web hosting: There is no customization for software and operating system.
VPS hosting: Customers can setup their operating system and software according to their needs and can use their preferred version of MYSQL and PHP and also have full root access to the partition.

5.    Anti-virus Scanning

Shared web hosting: Provide anti-virus solution to protect against hacking provides an email spam filter.
VPS hosting: Provide individual on server anti-virus scans that ensures spam with viruses will not affect the server.

6.    Security Policy

Shared web hosting: Many customers share the same email and IP address that make it highly vulnerable. The email (POP /IMAP/SMTP/ Web Mail) must be accessible through both secure and standard connections.
VPS hosting: It adopts a customized security policy and allows the customer to control how the VPS is accessed and when. It is more secured as it ensures that the logins and passwords are encrypted.

7.    Pricing

Shared web hosting: No doubt, this is the cheapest web hosting solution.
VPS hosting: Not as low as shared hosting but price for VPS hosting is more affordable than dedicated server.

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