Using AWS for marketing & digital agencies

In this era of technology, the world of web is vast and touching almost all kind of business. For example if you are from automobile industry and yourmain work about manufacturing cars and vehicle only but still, to market and advertise newly manufactured cars, you need a platform where you can cover almost all kind of people of the society and explain your idea to them. The one part is to showcase your marketing content to audience and the another part is to know that how much it was effective?, how much time anyone has given to your content?, what is the interest level of audience on your content? Etc.

So we can say that there are two parts of the marketing, one is delivering marketing content to audience and second is to get report of that content in which you can have the information about that,like how effective it was?

Report of the content is the raw data which is very useful to defining the direction of the business and core product and services of the company and this is the actual value of the marketing. To boost the impact of the actions we generally use the internet and www to broadcast the marketing material and this is the area where we need managed web services and just from here AWS comes into the picture. But we still have a question that how we can use AWS in our marketing activities?

  • 1. Host your website to AWS: Website is the main platform to market your product/services and to populate the content seamlessly. You need high performing resources on which you can run your website. AWS is the ocean of the robust and high performing resources with user friendly operations and anyone can use it to host website
  • 2. By paying very low price you can create a landing page without a server: In Amazon S3, you can create your static page without purchasing a server or EC2. S3 provides you the facility to add static content like images, videos, CSS, HTML, JSS etc. If you use CloudFront CDN just before S3 then you can enhance the speed of your landing page. This combination gives you unexpected improvement in website speed, asynchronous requests, multi-domain architecture etc.
  • 3. Improve ranking of your SEO: Using AWS you are indirectly improving your application and website ranking. If you adopt the AWS best practices like using RDS for DBs, CloudFront deployment, distribute the requests over multiple domain, Using Load balancer etc. enhance the speed of loading your content over the webpages on real-time.
  • 4. Marketing campaign and Newsletter emails are at low cost: AWS provides SMTP based email service called AWS SES. This is the mail service which is similar to Mailchimp, Sendgrid etc. but 8 time cheaper.
  • 5. Highly scalable for Ecommerce: As per the amazon’s pay what you use model it is very easy to scale ecommerce anytime and you can also pause when marketing campaigns are not running to save the cost. Let’s imagine a company who needs the powerful server in specific months of year when they run their marketing campaign but in other months they don’t need the powerful server. To reduce cost in down season they can use Auto scaling and downgrade the server as per need.
  • 6. The Outstanding CloudFront: You can easily deploy a video streaming service to broadcast the video content by using CloudFront. AWS has paid service to stream your video content but it is very easy to deploy and can handle various requests at a time.
  • 7. The highly secure zone of WAF: Don’t afraid of DDOS attacks, Malicious Crawlers and Black bots because WAF can provide prevention and security against these terrific things. WAF is capable enough to handle the small attack to complex malicious activity on AWS.
  • 8. Use AWS to faster development of Mobile Apps: AWS provides a different platform for Mobile App Development named Amazon Mobile Hub. Without code you can add various built-in modules to facilitate your development activities. There are modules available for Managing push notification, Testing, DBs and analytics and many more to support the mobile app development.
  • 9. Digital Marketing with AWS: AWS can help you to achieve business goals. By using AWS analytics you can analyse that what will be the results of adopting particular technology on your organisation
  • 10. Dedicated IP Per website: Using dedicated IPs for each website is the good SEO approach. Amazon’s Elastic Network Interfaceallows you to assign each elastic IP per interface.