Use Twitter for Marketing

I always trust Twitter for my business as Twitter is also a best way to expand your network. It is a useful communication tool that allows me to interact with different- different people around the world in three different ways:

1.    Send a short message to a specific person publicly
2.    Send a short message to a bunch of people publicly
3.    Send a short message to a specific person privately

Why to use Twitter for Marketing?

1) To drive people to your company’s website – Tweet the interesting resources that your employees have posted on your website or blog and linking back on your website to the download page. People will start tweeting about it on their own like they can share your resource to their friends on Twitter, if the content on your site is remarkable.

2) Monitor your brand on Twitter – By using the aforementioned Twitter Search tool
i.e, you can search as well as track what people are saying about your products, company, competitors or any current words in your company. To receive all search results in Google Reader, set up an RSS feed.

3) Use the Twitter “Favorites” feature as a list of company testimonials – There is a little star to the left of each tweet in your Twitter stream. That tweet gets added to your Favorites Tab when you click the little star. As you track what people are saying about your company in Twitter Search, favorite all of the positive tweets. By showing the public what other people think of your company, third party testimonials are valuable.

4) To promote events –
Tweet ups are a good way to get to know your Twitter community offline. When your company holds an event, open house or fundraiser, tweet about it. Best practice is to send people directly to an event sign up page.

5) To promote new tools – All Twitter users like new toys, especially if they create some sort of grade, outcome or analysis of the person using the tool. To Tweet as possible, make the results of your tool as easy and make your tool is as easy to share as possible. You could add a function “Tweet this grade”.

6) Establish yourself as a thought leader in your company – You and your company will eventually develop thought leadership by tweeting about useful resources as well as thoughtful tips and in that particular subject, people will consider you an expert. Be sure to link to your own resources and others.

I hope now you understand why to use Twitter for Marketing. For More Twitter Tips Follow us on Twitter @i2k2DotCom