Use Case of a Digital Agency to improve the website performance Using Auto-scaling, CDN and Load Balancer


A digital agency want to create hosting for their WordPress website on AWS to achieve high performance in all aspect. They want to run their marketing campaign and also want to improve SEO ranking on their website.


Client’s Feedback:

After using AWS infra for hosting their website they feel the highly increased performance of the webpages real-time. Now the heavy content and huge traffic is not the hurdle for them. Their mind shifts from how to manage website to how to manage clients and it is a positive expected change.

After analysis they found that SEO ranking is better than previous after using AWS. They are fully satisfied.

Beyond the expectations they have found cost cutting by using pay as use feature of AWS and now they are running campaign without thinking about website resource management for websites and cost optimization.


Website hosting

  • Easy to create high performance hosting to support your wordpress sites, landing pages etc. including Nginx (replacing Apache), CloudFornt for CDN, AWS Load Balancer and popular AWS AutoScaling.
  • These components are very competitive and efficient in comparison to all Cloud options available.
  • Client can also declare that their own hosting is resilient, Highly Scalable, and redundant using DevOps.
  • AWS currently providing 99.99% SLA which is very good. AWS also have the capability to replicate data and applications across different locations and zones

Improving SEO

  • Adopting AWS with all its technologies automatically improve SEO ranking of your website
  • AWS RDs, Cloud Fronts and GZIP are the components playing important role to improve the page load speed and it improve SEO ranking automatically