Understanding Digital Agencies Pain Points: Hosting

Let’s consider a situation, suppose you are handling an online campaign of one of your prestigious client and at the time of handling huge traffic on your web platform it is stuck. Now you may have the problems in one of the points as mentioned below:

Unmanaged Hosting

You may have hosted your infra on an unmanaged platform. Because hosting plan with no or very few hosting service will gives you unexpected failure


If you have mistakenly chooses unreliable cloud platform then you will be faced failure of service anytime and it will hurt your main business

Unexpected Downtime

The unreliable and unmanaged cloud platform will cause unexpected downtime of you servers over cloud. The above scenario may happen due to unexpected downtime of your cloud resources

Not Scalable

It is very important to have elasticity in cloud resources. You may anytime to upscale or downscale your cloud infra horizontally or vertically at any time. Elasticity of cloud will ensure the cost optimization and there is availability of resources when you actually needed

Lack of Security

The above situation may arise due to lack of security. Most of the unmanaged cloud platform don’t have security mechanism to prevent hacking, DDOS etc. you may need separate mechanism to prevent specific security threats on you your cloud infra

High risk of Data loss

Sometimes customer lost their data from particular cloud instance on unmanaged cloud platform. This will cause the failure of whole infra at the time of workload on it

Server Management

Unmanaged cloud platform have the ambiguity about server management. It is not clear that who will manage the server and how it to be done to get better results while using cloud infra

You really need

  • Managed Hosting Services
  • Patch & Continuity Management
  • Availability
  • Global Presence
  • Security & Access Management
  • Highly Scalable
  • Reliability

Final Words!

In the considered scenario the problem can be avoided by making right choice and appropriate supporting modules to ensure all above said features in your cloud infra. A good public cloud platform with managed services is the solution to avoid the pain points to make seamless core business operations.