Unbiased Cloud Services Comparison – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

Many companies opt for public cloud services for increased efficiency and reduced costs. Gartner, a leading technology research firm, states that the growth of cloud services will increase through 2020, with an annual growth rate of 16.4%. Although AWS is the leading choice for many companies, Microsoft Azure cloud services have started to come at par, and may even surpass Amazon Cloud Services in terms of pricing, reliability, and developer skills. If you are aiming to choose between Microsoft Azure and AWS, you’ve landed the right page. 

Amazon Web Services VsMicrosoft Azure

This blog covers the three basic considerations most companies take into account when choosing cloud services. Dig in and make an informed decision that best suits your requirements.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) vs Microsoft Azure –

1. Reliability

To increase the reliability and security of the services provided by both AWS Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud, they have been heavily investing in infrastructure. Amazon is planning to build a data center in China to serve their market demand and overcome the various security and privacy issues. Accuracy being the end goal of both companies, they both offer reliable services with testing their uptime speeds in the “five nines” format, i.e., 99.999 being the best result. Quoting the data from Cloud Harmony, the uptime offered by Azure VM is approximately 99.998%, whereas the uptime offered by AWS EC2 is about 99.974%. It is, however, important to note that AWS and Azure suffered from outages that affecting a number of popular services, such as Skype, Netflix, and Office 365.

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2. Price

The plans offered by both major cloud service providers in India are quite similar and also offer a huge variety to best meet your needs. Another attractive deal offered by AWS and Microsoft Azure is that if you pay the service charge in advance,  they both offer discounts usually on a yearly basis. It is, however important to note that Amazon Web Services bills you on an hourly basis, whereas Azure charges you by the minute. If you use an AWS for two hours and five minutes, you are charged for three hours instead of the actual time. Another important difference between AWS and Azure when it comes to pricing is that in case of AWS you need to buy storage separately, whereas Azure comes with a fixed amount of storage. It is for this reason that people choose Azure over AWS usually to save on extra expenses.

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3. Offered Services

There is not much of a difference when it comes to services and overall features offered by AWS or Microsoft Azure India. Both, Microsoft Azure and AWS share the standard elements of a public cloud, namely autoscaling, security, and self-service. Both the service providers come with similar storage and computation capabilities. Another important thing to note is that AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud services support both NoSQL and relational databases. Do a thorough research and choose the service provider that offers all the services you need at an affordable price.

Bottom Line

When looking for the best cloud services in India, you need to do your research on the various available options. Other aspects you need to consider when finalizing the perfect cloud service is the price, services on offer, and reliability. i2k2 Networks provides reputable dedicated cloud hosting services to meet your needs. For more information on how our hosting services can help you grow your business, contact us at +91-120-466 3031, mail to sales@i2k2.com or fill out our contact form.