Traits to Look for When Hiring an Amazon Web Services Consultant

The cloud computing revolution has opened new roads for businesses from all industries to improve their operations and throughputs without having to bear the colossal costs that are characteristic of legacy solutions. Amazon Web Services, in particular, represents one of the most remarkable blessings of cloud technology that is enabling businesses from all over the world to get a leg up on the competition. Having said that, the effectiveness of Amazon Web Services and the various modules it encapsulates largely depends on the proficiency of your Amazon Web Services consultant. That is the reason why, in this article, we list some of the key traits to look for when choosing an Amazon Web Services consultant.

Subject Expertise

The first and foremost thing to consider is the expertise of the team. This aspect is particularly important as the AWS offers an extensive suite of services and capabilities, making it essential for your implementation partner to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of them, in order to put them to the best use for “your” business, which brings us to the next trail you need to look at when choosing an Amazon web services consultant.

Industry Exposure

Understanding a product or service is one thing, being able to recognize its relevance and accurately gauge its effectiveness in a certain domain is another. That is the reason why it is important to check whether the AWS consultant you are planning to hire has experience in your domain. In fact, even if the contender has enough experience in your domain, it is still advisable for you to ask them to present an overview of the outcomes they were able to deliver.


In an ever-changing world, change is perhaps the only thing that’s constant, besides aging, of course! The same stands true in the world of business. When looking for an Amazon Web Services consultant, make sure the one you select has the flexibility and adaptability to scale the scope of service delivery as per the changing needs of your business, and has the bandwidth to ensure seamless accessibility of resources.

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Last Word

Choosing an Amazon Web Services consultant is a critical decision for your business, which calls for all the due diligence you can exercise. If you are looking for an AWS partner that not only brings unparalleled domain expertise, but can also work hand-in-glove with your team, look no further than i2k2 Networks. Connect with us for a no obligation consultation and let us walk you through the transformations we can bring to your business. Simply call 0120 466 3031 or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.