Top 5 Benefits of Using a Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are reserved for the exclusive use of the business that hires the server. Organizations opting for a dedicated server have full control over the server and can choose different components such as hardware and operating system. Over the years, many providers have started offering dedicated server hosting services such as affordable windows dedicated server hosting and Linux server hosting. There are many benefits of using dedicated servers. The post lists some such advantages. Read on.


Benefits of Dedicated Server


In a shared server, the resources are shared by several users, therefore, a business using more resources would impact the performance for other users. Businesses opting for a dedicated server do not have to share resources with other users which boosts their website’s performance and helps manage traffic better. Further, the business has full control over the resources and can control factors such as browser compatibility, advertisements, and images that impact website performance.

2.Unique IP Address

Websites hosted on a shared server, share the same IP address which can result in various issues. For example, a website getting blacklisted on a shared server can impact the rankings for other sites. Businesses opting for a dedicated server get a unique IP address which provides a unique identity to the business and boosts the organization’s reputation.

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Opting for a dedicated server would mean no one else will have access to your server, which helps beef up your business’s security. Further, many dedicated servers are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliant, a data hosting requirement for companies that accept card payments. You can also control firewall settings, which helps boost safety standards without impacting website performance.

4.Hassle-free Maintenance

Dedicated windows server hosting packages include round the clock support that helps address maintenance and other issues. Your IT team does not have to invest considerable time in performing different server maintenance tasks such as managing local server updates, and updating anti-virus protection. Your team members can use the buffer time to perform their core tasks such as designing and implementing IT policies.


When using a dedicated server you have full control over the server environment and can customize CPU, disk space, RAM and software according to your business needs. You can also change your platform and operating system which helps in managing different projects.

Ready to go Down the Road?

Dedicated servers can help manage website traffic better and have become the preferred choice of e-commerce and other businesses throughout the globe. That said, using a dedicated server is not the best option every time and you must evaluate your business needs  before taking the vital decision.

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