Top 4 Considerations for Choosing Your AWS Consulting Partner

Top 4 Considerations for Choosing Your AWS Consulting Partner

Moving various business elements to Amazon Web Services Cloud is a powerful way to streamline operations for any enterprise. It also helps to significantly cut down on the operational costs. AWS cloud migration, however, requires a thorough understanding of the cloud computing landscape for smooth migration. In-house IT teams of most businesses are already overburdened with daily IT operation, which is why it makes sense to outsource AWS migration and management to an AWS consulting partner. It not only helps in lightening the load for your in-house IT teams but the expertise possessed by AWS consultants for seamless migration and management of databases on the cloud. Let’s take a look at 5 important things to consider when partnering with an AWS cloud support service.

1. Your Requirements

You need to be perfectly clear about your essential requirements before you start weighing available options. This includes the objectives behind the shift, the budget you’re willing to allocate, the duration for which you will need the assistance, and the areas of cloud operations where you need it. This helps you better align your expectations with the capabilities of your AWS consulting partner.

2. Credibility and Experience of the Consulting Partner

It is always advisable to choose an experienced firm as your AWS consulting partner to ensure that your objectives are met satisfactorily. It is also a good idea to go through every prospective AWS consulting partner’s client portfolio to find out if they’ve worked on similar projects in the past. Further, you should check the qualifications of members of the consulting team. AWS certified professionals can be a real game changer for your cloud computing operations, especially if they’re substantially experienced in cloud-based task management.

3. Amazon Partner Network

The Amazon Partner Network (APN) is your best bet for finding trustworthy AWS consulting partners. Any AWS consulting firm that wishes to become an APN partner has to adhere to strict guidelines and policies set by AWS. For instance, the firm needs to be in the APN Advanced Tier and furnish AWS certifications of its current employees as well as migrated workloads and customer case studies.

4. Customer Support

The facility of Amazon cloud support is among the most crucial factors to consider when choosing an AWS consulting partner. Once your database is migrated to the cloud, you may be faced with technical problems pertaining to AWS infrastructure. You will require dedicated AWS enterprise support in such a scenario. This makes it pertinent to ensure that any potential consulting partner offers comprehensive and reliable AWS support services. Make sure you go through the terms and conditions of the consulting partner along with their after-sales policies during the selection process.

5. Expertise in Other Technologies

A great method to judge the competency of a consulting firm is to check whether they are fluent in a wide range of technologies. The ideal consulting firm should ideally have expertise in platforms such as Angular, Java, Docker, Python, Ruby, PHP, iOS and Hadoop. You may have to deal with these technologies at some point and the fluency of your consulting partner in these technologies will give you an upper hand.

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Wrap Up

Choosing an AWS consulting partner is clearly not an easy task. You have to put in a great deal of effort to properly assess how every prospective consulting partner will fit in with your cloud computing objectives. i2k2 Networks is a leading name in the field of managed IT services in India. We offer a wide array of IT services including AWS support service, linux hosting, and dedicated server hosting, to name a few. To learn more, simply call +91-120-466-3031 |+91-971-177-4040 or share your requirements at