Top 4 Benefits of Opting for Zimbra Email Server Hosting for Businesses

Zimbra Email Hosting Services in India

Most businesses today rely heavily on the exchange of emails to plan and execute daily activities. Moreover, in many organizations email correspondence is the standard form of communication and facilitates inter-team coordination, thereby, enabling them to plan and execute business projects. To manage email traffic efficiently, many organizations opt for hosted email servers. A mail server receives and delivers emails from client servers. Among the many email server hosting services, Zimbra email server hosting is preferred by businesses worldwide due to the many advantages of using them. The blog discusses some of the benefits of using email servers. Read on to learn more.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to send and receive email using their own domain name, rather than one provided by a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo. With cloud email hosting, you can set up email addresses for your employees or yourself that use your domain name, and can access your email using a web-based client or an email client like Microsoft Outlook. You can opt for either a shared server or a dedicated email server. The latter is a preferred solution for large businesses that deal with high volumes of emails each day. Business email solutions generally include additional features like spam filtering, virus protection, and support for large attachments, and they can be more reliable and secure than using a free email service. Email hosting services are useful for businesses or individuals who want to have a professional email address that matches their domain name, or for those who want more control over their email hosting and configuration. Email server hosting can be provided by the same company that hosts your website, or by a separate business email hosting provider.

How does email hosting work

When you go for email hosting, you receive more than just a server to host your emails. You also get access to extra solutions that will help you scale your organization’s operations more effectively than ever. Email hosting solutions offer functions that enable safe authentication, email rerouting and replication, user domain name management, and other functions. Your email server and the email server of the recipient are connected by a trusted server that is given to you by your email cloud services provider. To ensure efficient delivery and carriage of your email, it is routed between the two servers when you push the send button. This makes your emails secure, reducing the threat of spam and malware. When sending confidential information over email, email hosting solutions add an extra degree of security, minimizing the possibility of theft or data breaches. Professional email servers come with industry-standard encryption, guaranteeing that data is transferred securely and cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Additionally, you can always count on superior uptime with professional email hosting. You can communicate effectively and quickly by avoiding major communication errors and delays. If your firm is involved in the frequent exchange of emails as a means of consumer communications that call for immediate action, you should not ignore the importance of professional business email hosting services.

Why Does Your Business Need Email Hosting?

Making an impression in a rapidly expanding digital environment requires the development of a strong brand identity. It takes more than simply exceptional products and services to stand out in an era where nearly all industries and enterprises are going digital. Customers trust brands that they are familiar with and relate to. With email hosting, you can establish a credible and expert presence right away! Additionally, customers prefer brands that offer complete security as far as their data is concerned. Today, conventional channels of communication have been replaced by email, and as a business, you must ensure that your communication channels are safe and secure regardless of the level of importance of the message being conveyed. This way, you can establish your company’s trustworthiness and dependability, eventually driving customer satisfaction. Professional email service providers offer email encryption, which ensures that all data transmitted through emails remains secure and cannot be viewed by unauthorized parties.

3 Key Features of Zimbra Email Server Hosting

Thanks to Zimbra email server hosting solutions, you can manage your contacts, emails, and calendars, as well as share files and documents with users and clients with ease. Your daily tasks, such as automatic message sorting, document sharing, file editing, group scheduling, instant messaging, etc., will be made easier with Zimbra hosting solutions. You also get the ability to utilize Zimbra mail offline without an active internet connection. You can import your emails and contacts to your Zimbra account simply by syncing Zimbra with Microsoft Exchange. Let’s check out the 3 key features of Zimbra email server hosting:

100% Uptime

Our Zimbra email hosting services come with a 100% uptime guarantee and top-notch speed. Our lightning-fast and secure servers ensure a constant power supply, uninterrupted network connectivity, backup systems for data storage, and cooling that keep the server up and operating all the time in a highly secure setting.

Monthly Server Backups

With Zimbra email hosting, you can always access your sensitive data. You can regularly back up your Zimbra emails in real-time with split-second precision, retrieve your important data, and restore it in the event of an unforeseen system crash.

Unlimited Email Accounts

Zimbra hosting options are appropriate for businesses of all sizes, from one user to a start-up or a huge multinational corporation. With Zimbra server hosting solutions, you can have an unlimited number of Zimbra email accounts. Get ready for blazing-fast, fully-rootable mail servers with an infinite number of mailboxes to meet your business needs.

Benefits of  Zimbra Email Server Hosting for Businesses –

1. Helps you Avoid Spam Mails

Sorting and deleting spam mails is a cumbersome and time taking task. To help your employees get rid of this problem, Zimbra email server hosting includes intelligent spam filters that enable them to get rid of unwanted mails without the user having to go through them. All you need to do is configure the spam filter settings to ensure suspicious mails don’t flood your inbox.

2. Helps Create Calendars

It is important for all the teams working on a project to be aware of delivery dates, appointments and project deadlines. To help your managers facilitate co-ordination, Zimbra email server hosting includes a calendar feature that users can use to create. They can also share a calendar that mentions important project dates with different team members.

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3. Enables you Create Backup of Important Emails  

Your business can be hit hard if you don’t have a backup plan and lose important email correspondence due to a system failure. To help address this issue, Zimbra email server hosting includes a backup feature that preserves your important business emails. Ensure that you discuss the feature with your provider and also enquire about the frequency and amount of backup they’d be offering before opting for a plan.

4. Hassle Free Document Storage

Zimbra email server hosting helps you store documents in your account, thereby enabling you manage them better. You can access these documents on the go from any part of the world. Additionally, you can search through these documents and classify them according to your needs.


Opting for Zimbra email server hosting services can help your employees manage their mailboxes better, thereby enabling them to save time. Before you opt for a Zimbra email server hosting service, make sure that you discuss your business requirements with your provider and provide them information about your business objectives and goals to help them customise their services to suit your needs. When looking for dedicated hosting in India, look no further than i2K2 Networks, a leading web hosting company in Delhi NCR. Discuss your requirements and get answers to all your questions today at +91-120-466-3031 or +91-97-1177-4040. You can also email or fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you at the earliest.