Top 3 Real World Use Cases For Amazon Cloud Services

Top 3 Real World Use Cases For Amazon Cloud Services

Cloud computing has emerged as a key element in any digital transformation strategy. As businesses continue to shift their focus from incremental to transformational business models, they are relying on cloud computing to realize their bold visions. This is exactly where Amazon cloud services come into play. AWS (Amazon Web Services) eliminates any up-front capital infrastructure costs and helps organizations to scale up their operations, irrespective of their size. Leading providers of Amazon cloud services in India, such as i2k2 Networks, partner with businesses of all sizes to help them optimize their benefits from the platform. Let’s look at the top 3 real-life use cases for Amazon cloud services.

Storage and backup

AWS backup allows you to automate and centralize data protection across all your hybrid workloads. AWS Backup is a cost-effective, fully managed, and policy-based service that makes data protection at scale easy to accomplish. AWS also supports all regulatory compliance for data protection. It stores your data in 3 different availability zones. One of the biggest benefits of such a storage model is that you can still access your data in the event that one of the zones fails. This particular feature makes AWS an exceptionally reliable service. Organizations that deal with massive data can use Amazon cloud services in India for secured storage and backup. The reliability of the service is such that video streaming giant Netflix, adapted nearly 100,000 server instances from AWS for computing and storage databases, among other activities.

Website and app hosting

A reputable web hosting company in Noida or any other location in India that offers Amazon web hosting services can help you realize your website scaling goals. AWS services like Amazon Lightsail offer everything, from SSD-based storage, virtual machine, and data transfer, to DNS management and static IP, to help you launch an easy-to-manage website. Features like Amazon EC2, Elastic Load Balancing, AWS Lambda, and Amazon S3 help you scale your products fast and efficiently. AWS also allows you to develop applications in your preferred programming language. You can also deploy auto-scaling and managed relational database service to improve your app’s performance.

Enterprise IT

AWS can help accelerate your cloud migration process while reducing costs, and modernizing legacy applications through an outcome-driven methodology. AWS gives you access to a broad set of analytics and other services like machine learning and artificial intelligence to help your organization make faster decisions and reduce business risk by turning vague data into valuable insights.

Final word

AWS offers a plethora of benefits for business organizations of all sizes. To know more about how you can scale up your business and improve operational efficiency, speak to an Amazon web services consultant. When looking for Amazon cloud services in India, you must look for a partner that brings unparalleled domain expertise to the table and works hand-in-glove with your team. That is where i2k2 Networks can make a huge difference. To connect with us for a no-obligation consultation, call 0120 466 3031 or email