Tips to build Trust and Credibility on your Blog

Would you like to take my tips on how to build trust and credibility on your blog. These are:

1.    Do not BS

Nobody loves BS. So, don’t try it until you can’t make BS fun.

2.    What you overheard, don’t be so sure of

Always! People love to prove other people wrong. I have noticed this thing that when you are talking about something that you are not sure of, people will pounce on you and will try to prove you wrong. So, don’t be so sure of unless you know what you are talking about.

3.    Whatever you read elsewhere, don’t repeat them

I can easily search out if someone is copying ideas or matter. I never enjoy it unless it has taken a new angle to it. So, it is best to not to copy ideas because the listeners are more intelligent than the speaker.

4.    Do not try to fake it. It doesn’t look good

It is very easy to spot people who fake it. They do not address the real issues; they talk a lot than usual, they give you good marks to prove their point and they know they never can, but still they try. I request you to not to fake it.

5.    Do not beat around the bush, be straight to the point

I Hope you understood what I am saying;

6.    Be simple, be genuine.

I always believe in one method which is the best method to win anyone’s heart is to be simple and genuine. So, always says right and real as there is nothing wrong in saying that you are a struggler or a learner etc. This is true that people will definitely appreciate you for not lying to them. Not everybody is expert in anything.

7.    Work hard, even if nobody shows interest, people will appreciate you soon for sure.

If you made all these mistakes then work hard as this is the only way to cover up your mistakes. If people is not showing interest the one day they will appreciate you later for sure

I hope you will like my tips and will follow them.