The Rise of Amazon Cloud Computing Services and Why Your Business Should Leverage It?

According to Statista, the global public cloud computing industry is predicted to reach approximately $600 billion by 2023. Such numbers demonstrate the general trend in the global business world. Amidst all this hype, you may ask, “is this the right time for my business to move to the cloud?” If the answer is “yes”, which cloud service can you rely on? There are multiple reasons why Amazon cloud computing services have become more popular than other similar providers. Let us find out why Amazon cloud services are the best choice for your business.

Bigger the user base, better the credibility and support

According to O’Reilly’s 2021 cloud adoption report, over 48 percent of firms aim to migrate 50 percent or more of their apps to the cloud by the end of 2022. About 20 percent plan to migrate all of their applications. In the retail industry, cloud adoption was nearly ubiquitous at 96.9%. Interestingly, Satista reports that AWS, the most popular provider in the cloud infrastructure services market, commanded 33% of the worldwide cloud computing market in the fourth quarter of 2021. This suggests a massive rise in its user base. With an increase in the adoption rate, getting real-time support has also become easier. Today, there is an AWS cloud consulting company in every major metropolitan region. This reduces wait time and gives you instant access to industry-grade Amazon cloud computing support services from authorized personnel.

Ever-evolving infrastructure

Cloud computing, like all other technologies, is constantly evolving. One has to stay on edge of their toes to stay ahead of the competition. AWS continues to develop and expand its business by releasing new upgrades and features on a regular basis to help power enhanced connectivity, productivity, control, and security, among other pertinent considerations.

Lower entry barrier

Amazon Cloud Services brings stable and scalable computing power to the table. AWS Cloud has gained a reputation for assisting startups, SMBs, and large companies. Adopting AWS cloud can save these businesses a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on servers and data centers. That’s not all! Amazon cloud computing services can be used to build a sandboxed environment for testing scenarios without affecting production services, making it a gold-mine for developers.

Enhanced security

Gone are the days when people had trust issues when it came to cloud security. Today, cloud services, including AWS, deploy state-of-the-art security measures to safely store your confidential and proprietary data in an external environment. For high-level security, AWS offers encryptions and network firewalls, to name a few. AWS is designed to be the most adaptable and secure cloud computing platform on the market today. The company’s core infrastructure was originally designed to meet the security needs of global banks, high-profile enterprises, and the military. That sounds assuring!

Everything under the same roof

AWS offers more features and services than any other cloud computing services provider. From traditional infrastructure technologies like computation, storage, and databases to emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, data lakes and analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT), AWS has got everything covered. This makes the process of moving your existing apps to the cloud and building practically anything you need, faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

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Last Word

For a company that strives to grow, Amazon cloud computing services is the best choice. It is also crucial to find a reputable AWS Cloud Consultant who can assist you round the clock. At i2k2, we offer a wide range of cloud solutions with timely and dependable assistance. We can help you utilize Amazon cloud services in India to develop and implement top-notch cloud solutions to lower your IT costs and streamline your operations. You can reach us at +91-120-466-3031/ +91-971-177-4040 or email at or