The Major Taxation Services in India

Taxation Services including tax preparation and tax consulting. Taxation Services are not just about increasing the efficiency of customers’ tax procedures and cutting costs but more about augmenting the business value of organizations.

In India, there are experts who have extensive experience in tax preparation and handling tax compliance workload, reporting and meeting taxation return filing deadlines. Top technological solutions and financial services software are used for taxation services.

There are some Taxation Softwares used for Taxation Services:

  • Creative Solutions’ Ultra-Tax
  • Drake
  • Intuit’s Lacerate
  • ATX
  • Intuit’s Pro Series

Some of the outstanding service tax issues that need resolution are:

  • On the inter-sect oral credit adjustment of excises and service tax.
  • On the refund woes.
  • On the SEZ travails.
  • On ITSS.
  • On the rebate regime.
  • On transactions between ‘associated enterprises’.
  • On GST.

The major services that come under the ambit of Service Tax are:

  1. General Insurance
  2. Advertising agencies
  3. Stockbroker
  4. Consulting engineers
  5. Courier agencies
  6. Custom house agents
  7. Clearing & forwarding agents
  8. Steamer agents
  9. Air travel agents
  10. Rent-a-Cab Operators
  11. Tour operators
  12. Manpower recruitment Agency
  13. Architects
  14. Mandap Keepers
  15. Management Consultants
  16. Interior Decorators
  17. Practicing Chartered Accountants
  18. Underwriters Agencies
  19. Practicing Cost Accountants
  20. Practicing Company Secretaries
  21. Real Estates Agents/Consultants
  22. Private Security Agencies
  23. Credit Rating Agencies
  24. Market Research Agencies
  25. Scientific and technical consultancy services
  26. Convention
  27. Telegraph
  28. Photography
  29. Telex
  30. Online information and database access or retrieval
  31. Facsimile
  32. Video-tape production
  33. Sound recording
  34. Insurance auxiliary activity
  35. Broadcasting
  36. Telephone
  37. Port
  38. Banking and other financial services
  39. Authorized Service Stations
  40. Beauty parlors
  41. Auxiliary services to life insurance
  42. Leased circuits Services
  43. Cargo handling
  44. Event Management
  45. Storage and warehousing services
  46. Cable operators
  47. Health and fitness centers
  48. Rail travel agents
  49. Fashion designer
  50. Dry cleaning services
  51. Technical testing and analysis (excluding health & diagnostic testing) technical inspection and certification service
  52. Commercial vocational institute, coaching centers and private tutorials
  53. Maintenance & repair services
  54. Commission and Installation Services
  55. Business auxiliary services, namely business promotion and Support services (excluding
  56. on information technology services)
  57. Survey and Exploration of Minerals Services
  58. Franchise Services
  59. Internet café
  60. Out door Caterer’s service
  61. Transport of Goods by Air Services
  62. Airport Services
  63. Survey & Mapmaking Services
  64. Business Exhibition Services
  65. Opinion Poll Services
  66. Intellectual Property Services
  67. Mailing list compilation & Mailing Services
  68. TV or Radio Program Services
  69. Travel Agent’s Services other than Rail and Air travel agents
  70. Forward Contract Services
  71. Site preparation & clearance Services
  72. Transport of goods through pipe line or other conduit Service
  73. Dredging Services
  74. Cleaning Services
  75. Packaging Services
  76. Membership of Clubs & Associations