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Tips to improve your Google ranking

Bringing traffic to your website depend upon website optimization for search engines and visitors also. The SEO enables prospective clients to reach you in an easy and a fast way through specific keyw...
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What Benefits You Can Get From RSS Feeds?

Doing online business with RSS or Really Simple Syndication feeds can be a boon to your marketing strategy. It contains hyperlinks, headline and summary of updated web content; therefore your readers ...
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How can you create a robots.txt file?

A robots.txt is a text file that has to be placed on your server to ask different search engine spiders not to index or crawl some pages or sections of your site. We can use it in order to prevent ind...
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Google Rocks among Search Engines

In the competitive world of today a website can be popular only if a large number of people visits the website and if it attains a higher ranking in the search engine result page. To make a website po...
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