Structured cabling CAT 6 replaces others cabling systems.

The services of Sahar Services are Structured Cabling (i.e Cat 3, Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Fiber Optics Cabling, Coax Cabling) but the main service provide by the company is Category 6 cabling systems.

Structured cabling installation and design is governed by a set of standards which specify wiring data centers, offices, and apartment buildings for voice and data communications, using CAT 5E or CAT 6 (i.e category 5 or category 6 cable) and modular sockets. Category 5e sets the scene for Category 6.

ISO had introduced Category 6 cabling systems in September 1997 and were quickly followed by the TIA. Category 6 is different from Category 5 and Category 5e in many ways such as:

  • ISO calls is Category 6 link and channels Class E
  • Category 6 has been designed to be tested to 250MHz
  • Category 6 includes all of the tests of Category 5e, plus new parameters
  • Category 6 has a maximum operational bandwidth of 200MHz
  • Category 6 is available as a UTP and STP solution

The development of the Category 6 connecting hardware i.e. jacks and plugs involve the simultaneous development of both the jacks and the plugs. These are the two components that were developed while connected together, or as a mated pair.

As most connectivity manufacturers were simply working with the field tester manufacturers so the field-testing of Category 6 basic links was not a problem to develop a basic link adapter which included an RJ45 plug that was configured to their requirements.

The involvement of the current Category 6 development affected the field-testing (permanent link) of installations and the future deployment of Category 6 active equipment. No need to be worry about which Category 5e cabling systems work with which active hardware (i.e. switches, hubs, NICs, routers). If these devices begin to require 200MHz of bandwidth to operate means. they need a Category 6 system. The absence of interoperability (the mechanism which is used to ensure that all compliant manufacturers’ jacks work with all other compliant manufacturers’ jacks) means that a few of the manufacturers connecting hardware will only work with a few specific active products.