State of Cloud Computing in India

“Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing.” – Paul Maritz, CEO of VMware

Many encouraging trends in cloud computing are transforming the IT landscape in India, the ripples of which are felt even beyond the national boundaries. Of late, India’s proactive roles in cloud services have generated much excitement among technology leaders in countries such as the U.S. This progressive march of cloud computing in India has business significance, and observers paint an optimistic picture for the future. Here’s a look at how India is fast becoming a hub for both rapid cloud consumption as well as one of the best cloud hosting service providers.

State of Cloud Computing in India - i2k2 Networks

Business Innovations

The arrival of cloud computing has encouraged innovation in IT, which is tied to business innovation. In the last two years, both large companies and SMEs invested heavily in developing cloud applications, which experts said was just the beginning. With these applications, enterprises are looking to accelerate business, achieve faster turnaround time, and lower the operational costs.

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Growing Interest Among Technology Consumers

Alongside the widespread use of Internet and smartphones, there is a growing interest in cloud services among business customers across industry verticals. This multiplying cloud awareness presents opportunities and a favorable climate to foreign technological investors. As a matter of fact, many U.S.-based firms have already opened numerous offshore data centers in India due to the reassuring prospects of this rising cloud player.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Another facet of cloud hosting services in India is hybrid cloud, which is a vital part of the digital transformation the country is going through. A leading cloud-based software company in India said Indian companies are out to welcome the benefits of hybrid cloud with both hands. Hybrid cloud solutions give businesses the best of two worlds. It gives the flexibility of a private server in addition to the advantages of a public cloud.

Creation of More Jobs

Provider of IT market intelligence, International Data Corporation (IDC) said that cloud computing and associated services are expected to generate more than a million new direct and indirect jobs in India by 2022. There are two facts that support this belief. First, cloud attracted a major share of business investments in the country last year (Gartner). Second, 70 percent of enterprises here know that cloud is no longer optional to remain competitive and relevant in the market (Veritas). This shows that India is serious about the cloud business.

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With the right environment and right intellect behind, cloud experiences in India so far have been promising. But IT analysts say this is just a warm-up; more are in the pipeline from this South Asian country who is known for its technological prowess the world over. In the coming days and months, we’re going to witness more cloud adoption among enterprises thereby opening the way for more business and career opportunities.