Some Advanced Seo Techniques

You would have read different articles or forums related to Seo. Almost all the articles or forums provide you the same old information like blog submission, articles submission etc. In this article we are trying to provide you some advance tips related to Seo.

• Google and other search engines give the priority to that website having maximum number of quality inbound links. But it is not easy to task to get the link from that type of sites. Syndicating articles is one of the best methods for getting quality links. The other advantage is search engine crawlers are frequent crawling those reputed websites. Be assuring that your articles would be informative for the users and having less number of links.

• Learn and use Log files because your log files contain lots of valuable information about your website. You can get almost all information like the keywords or phrases which users are using to find your website. After optimization of you page Log Files will tell you how people are coming on your page and what are the keywords or phrases they are using to find your page. Log files also tell you who type of visitors are coming on your website, errors in your HTML code, which page is most popular in your website. It may be possible that some new keywords you would found that are used by the users to find your websites you can optimize your website for new keywords. Now you can understand how much important to know and learn about Log Files

• Sitemap is another method to tell search engines about the pages of your website. One drawback of the sitemap is that mostly sitemaps are specific. The alternative option of the sitemaps is ROR sitemaps that are readable by all search engines easily.

• Now the last but not the least is optimizing your website with relevant keywords. Give the priority to the keywords with phrases rather than single keyword because phrases with keywords give more optimized result. Suppose your site is related to ‘web hosting’ than instead of ‘web hosting’ if you will use ‘web hosting company’ than your website will get less competition and get higher rank in search engines.