Solutions to save your TAX

People are paying various types of tax like: Income Tax, Sales Tax , Wealth Tax, Transfer Tax , Fuel Tax , Social Security Tax , Self Employment Tax , Estate Tax , Capital Gains Tax etc and they really want to save their tax at any cost but many of them don’t know how to save tax.

Here, we are providing you so many suggestions to help you out:

1.) Where are you spending your money?

First, we recommend to everybody is to take a look at their monthly expenses and see what can be moved from the personal side to the business side. You really need to ask yourself, if that expense passes the “necessary and reasonable for the production of income” test.

2.) Go for investment policies

When the matter comes to saving your tax, it is very necessary that you should go for different insurance and health policies that help you in saving your tax a lot. It covers your risks, secures your and your family future and also grows your money.

Many people who invest in the stock market to save tax. But this is very risky for those people who don’t have complete knowledge about stock market.

3.) Use your spouse’s tax allowance

There is 20% tax on money held in a savings account .If you are a higher-rate taxpayer, you pay 40%. If you are married and one of you is a higher-rate taxpayer while the other is not, you can use a spouse’s lower tax band to save money

4.) Avoid paying late-payment penalties

You can show the IRS that you’ve paid most or all of your previous year’s taxes within that same tax year; you will stand a very good chance of avoiding estimated tax payments entirely. That means you can say bye to those late-payment penalties too.

Here’s something to consider: There is no requirement to make an extra withholding payment monthly or quarterly. You can wait until the end of the year and make one big payment. So, as long as you budget for that end-of-year payment, you can have the use of that money throughout the year.

5.) Earning money in the most tax-advantaged way

The rule is whether the income is earned actively (you do or sell something) or passively (you receive rent from a property). If you are making active income, then you pay more taxes than you should by operating through a sole proprietorship or through an LLC taxed as either a partnership or a sole proprietorship.

And, if you’re receiving passive income from property rentals, then an LLC taxed as either a sole or a partnership will save you tax you would otherwise spend if you operated this business through a C or an S Corporation.

6.) Use your pension tax relief

Setting up a personal or stakeholder pension means you receive tax relief at your standard rate.

7.) Can deduct Holiday gifts to associates even without a receipt

Don’t overlook the deductible benefit of holiday gifts. Whether you are a self-employed individual, a rank-and-file employee, or even a shareholder-employee in your own corporation, you can deduct the cost of holiday gifts made to clients and other business associates as a business expense.

8.) Can have your landlord pay for leasehold improvements at your place of business

Instead of paying for leasehold improvements at your place of business, you may ask your landlord to pay for them. In return, you may offer to pay your landlord more in the rent over the term of the lease. By financing your leasehold improvements, both you and your landlord can save money on taxes.

You should always remember that it is neither too early nor too late to invest and plan your financial future. So getting to know how to save tax can help you a lot in saving your money.

9.) Save by deducting home entertainment expenses.

If you are not able to treat your employees or friends etc to meals at expensive restaurants or offer them season tickets then you should deduct expenses for entertaining clients at home.

10.) Make estimated tax payments a thing of the past.

So, we hope this article will definitely help you to know how to save Tax by following some or all of our suggestions. But one is most important and best way to save your tax by having some Insurance Policies as it will help you to cover your financial risks as well as will grow your money.