Sitemap Importance

Using google sitemap can benefit you in many ways, it accelerate the speed of your site in terms of the changes you made through updating google index, as google get aware of any changes and updates that you perform in your site means you can be able to provide your visitors with fresh new content. Google site map need to code it in a programming language known as Extensible Markup Language, the process is tedious and time consuming hence most of the people opt for using sitemap generator that is simpler to create your own personalized site map in few minutes. You can even create a simple .html sitemap in a new page and put in it links to all the other pages; this will also help the search engine spiders when trying to locate specific content within your site, it will give relative importance to each pages, however more important pages should rank higher than your less important pages that means You can use Sitemaps to learn what Google thinks about your Web site as well.