Server Colocation in India: 5 ways how it Boosts up SMBs

The advancement of technology is opening various new doors to choose from when it comes to setting up an IT infrastructure even for small businesses. We have witnesses various small and mid sized businesses (SMBs) and startups switch over to colocation services in India in recent years. Let us discuss some of the major advantages of choosing server colocation for small business in a developing nation like India and how does it impact them.

Advantages of choosing server colocation for small business – 

1. Enhanced Network and Cloud Connectivity Options: Due to the increasing demand for colocation providers, a healthy competitive market has developed all around. The colocation providers in India are continuously luring their customers through the best-in-market services. Now customers can choose among several carriers with lowest rates available. One of the major advantages provided is the blended bandwidth services that allow the users to employ multiple carries at once which ensures 100% network availability. The data centers also offer low-latency, private connections to major cloud providers that avail a hybrid cloud model.

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2. Distributed Cost for Space and Equipment: The multi-tenant data centers helps many companies to scale up the economies. This allows the customers to share the cost of the space and equipment of the infrastructure effectively and leverages them from the burden of maintaining their own facilities. A better infrastructure can be availed by smaller enterprises with expert-level data center operators and strategic locations. Using the colocation services in India many companies are successfully establishing data center footprints even in populated areas where the cost of real estates is comparatively high.

3. Uptime Reliability: A developing economy like India where the average cost of downtime per minute is very high, business continuity remains a challenge. For many small enterprises who mainly target the online market, downtime can be a total chaos for them, resulting in a heavy monetary loss for the enterprise. The uptime reliability including power, network, and cooling infrastructure offered by a purpose-built server colocation centers with increased SLAs are very important for organizations whose livelihood is dependent upon the online transactions.

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4. Better Security: A colocation provider ensure multiple layers of security around the equipment of any SMBs that they are unable to afford at such lower prices on their own. The multiple layer security includes video recording, restricted security procedures, and 24x7x365 comprehensive technical support.

5. Scalability: The scalability provided by the colocation services are very high which is unrealistic to be attained by many SMBs by themselves. The capacity to expand the core business with such ease and pace provided by the colocation providers is comparatively high. Even though sometimes the cloud services are considered as the most flexible option, it does not stands correct as a cost-effective solution in long run. Additionally, companies using the colocation services have much greater control and better accessibility over the costs which helps them to determine a budget-friendly estimation for their enterprise.

The Bottom-Line: The colocation providers not only adapts a consultative approach for establishing and maintaining a secure and efficient data center footprint but also offers expert advice to help the small business grow and expand. If you are also looking out for colocation services for your enterprise, reach i2k2 Networks, a leading Data Center service provider that fulfills your need of both managed and hands-on approach. Contact us at +91-120-466 3031 | +91-971-177-4040 or drop a mail at and let us worry you from the need of build, staff and in-house management issues.