SEO Tips for High Page Rank

In this article we are going to discuss an important topic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Every SEO has a dream to get the higher page rank for his website. But getting good page rank is not an easy task. Google gives the page rank to the website depends on many fact. You can refer Google Webmaster Guideline. We will discuss here about some tips to get the page rank.

On Page Optimization

In on page you would have to work on different parts of your website:

  • The most important part in on page is content. Google loves healthy informative content. You must write the content related to your site theme. The content must contain the keywords. Each page of website must contain different and unique content.
  • The Title and Description of every page must be different and accurate. Title must be short and having with keyword phases
  • Use the keywords in “<a >” tag
  • Use keywords in your content with “<h1>…<h6>, <em>,<b>” tags
Off Page Optimization

In off page Optimization, Google gives ranks to those sites having maximum no. of quality links. Quality link means getting links from theme based site, like if your website is related to SEO than you would be in benefit if you get the links from SEO related sites.

Getting quality links from theme sites are not an easy task. Link building takes so much time. You can submit you websites in different Directories from where you can get the one way link.

Other sources of one way links are Articles Directories, PR Sites, Blog Posts and Forums. You can get one way links and traffic from these sources. You can write and submit articles in articles directories. Articles content must be fresh and related to your site themes. You can insert one or two links in the article back to your sites. eZineArciles, GoArticles and ArticleCity are the good articles directories where you can submit your articles. You can find more articles directories in Google Search.

You can write Press Releases for back links. Before writing press release keep in mind that PR must be unique, fresh, informative and interesting. You can get back link from resource box in PR Sites.

Other ways for back links are blogs posts and niche forums. You can create blog on Blogger or WordPress and related to your theme and write blog post. You can get back link from blog post. You can search related forums in Google search. Links in Forums signature is a good for back links.