Seo Basic Tips for On page Optimization

Seo or Search Engine Optimization is a way to follow the strategy that gives the visibility to your website in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn. It’s really hard for the webmaster to understand the algorithms or rules of all search engines. So our main emphasis on the major search engines which are mostly used. In order to website optimization, we should know the strategy what search engine follows, what element actually contribute for the website promotion. According to webmaster guidelines keywords, Meta tags and backlinks from good sites play an important role for good page ranking of the website.

It’s essential to use the relevant keywords/phrases to make sure your site is listed in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Msn. Keywords are important because user can find your site via those Keywords so it is necessary that the keywords should be related to your website. You can take the suggestion about keywords form different tools like Wordtraker, Google keyword tool and IBP. Some tools like Wordtraker and IBP are paid services but Google provide you free service. Seo Experts suggest that the best places to use keywords are in your page title, page content, and site’s Meta tags.

Here are some important Meta tags that play an important role for good page ranking of your website:

Title: Most experts suggest that the most important keyword should be placed in the Title of the page as most of the search engines spider looks it first. It’s best not to include extra words, such as a company name; using only the keywords as site title will generally bring the best results.

Description: It’s also contributes good effort to improve your website page rank. The description tells to the users in brief about your site. For good result in search engines you can place the keyword phrases in description Meta tag. Using many key words, or many slight variations of key words, or repeated key words, search engines have caught on to these strategies and may actually penalize your site for using such tactics.

It’s also important to use the keywords in the contents of your website, as spiders do look at this also.