Under the Scanner: Zimbra Email Hosting

Electronic mailing solutions have transformed business marketing for good. Companies are vying for faster, reliable, and more affordable mailing solutions as opposed to traditional options. Most businesses that rely on email communication demand a robust platform that can handle substantial traffic without driving costs through the roof, which brings us to Zimbra. Zimbra is, hands down, one of the most reliable and cost effective email solutions on the market today. In this post, we discuss the finer elements of Zimbra email hosting services and also make a comparative analysis with its arch-rival, Microsoft Exchange.

Zimbra email hosting services

Zimbra vs. Microsoft Exchange

Zimbra, currently owned by Telligent Systems, is an email server and client founded by Zimbra, Inc. On the other hand, Microsoft Exchange is also an email server that offers both client-side and server-side services, while operating on Windows Server. Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange have attracted much attention over the past few years due to the stiff competition initiated by Zimbra’s rise to fame. Though Exchange is an industry standard, Hosted Zimbra is fast becoming the choice for many companies. So, why would you pick Zimbra over Microsoft Exchange? Let us find out.

The Zimbra Distinctions

Zimbra Email services are a new paradigm that is gathering momentum in the IT industry, cleansing all sticky mailing issues. Zimbra Collaboration Suite supports email, group calendars and document sharing, allowing tool tips, drag-and-drop items, and right-click menus in the UI. The advanced email solution provides a platform for enterprises to seamlessly incorporate loads of mailing and collaboration requirements.

Key Features

  • Ajax Based Webmail
  • Document Management
  • Task Management
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Anti-Spam/ Anti-Virus

The two versions of Zimbra that are available today in the market for commercial use are an open-source based version. They have several distinctive features including the closed-source modules such as a proprietary MAPI connector to Outlook for easy calendar synchronization.


For any business, security is undoubtedly crucial, and an inescapable aspect that deserves due diligence. Several collaboration suites on the market today cater to diverse business emailing needs. The list includes Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Lotus Online, Google Apps, Office 365, and so on. Zimbra Collaboration Suite has established impeccable credibility as one of the best suites for businesses and enterprises. Should you need email hosting services, call us any time for a free, no obligation consultation.