Resolving Bugs With The Help Of IT Managed Services

Information Technology is referred to as computer applications to store, transmit, retrieve and manipulate data. The term IT is used for computer networks encompassing other information technologies such as telephones and televisions. Many industries are associated with IT including computer software, computer hardware, semiconductors, electronics, internet, engineering, telecom equipment and healthcare. “Information Technology” consists of three categories: applications for mathematical and statistical methods, techniques for processing and methods for decision-making. On storage and processing techniques, four distinct phases of IT can be distinguished: pre-mechanical, electromechanical, mechanical and electronic.

IT Managed Services

Computers are sometimes struck by problems such as security threats, spam and viruses. Computer systems sometimes fail to operate at their optimal level thereby hindering numerous entities in their quest to meet set business objective. Due to such interruptions huge downtime are frequently experienced. These disruptions and downtime errors add up to negatively affect revenue. Deficiencies in your in house team’s abilities to handle IT infrastructure, and this divided effort between running IT and generating revenue, results in business owners getting stuck on technical issues.

How to Manage IT services?

A Managed IT service provider can be an outside firm or an IT consulting company. Growing number of IT resellers, vendors and telecom carriers provide managed IT security services based on remote and proactive monitoring of the networks of a particular company on an ongoing basis, wherein small business owners are not involved. Managed network service providers are employees or consultants who specialize in computer support, security and small business networks. Generally, IT service support delivers the support from remote locations via the Internet and if necessary, it also provides on-site proactive and emergency services. Support is provided on a day to day basis and on demand, according to need. Services are provided on a per-device basis or flat monthly fee basis.

Types of IT managed services

There are variety of services provided by IT managed service providers in India and the broad categories include:

  • Network Security
  • Remote Network Monitoring
  • Computer and Service Support
  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Technology Evaluation and Planning
  • Data backup and Disaster recovery

Benefits of IT services

Most companies use break/fix model of tech management due to technology failures. For this purpose, a consultant is required and the company has to pay a fee for the service. The company suffers productivity losses as well as repeated downtime errors. Business owners should consider database monitoring services for several reasons. They provide affordable solutions for complex technology issues. Technical experts focus on keeping systems running, as repeated system failures mean higher costs. Services provided by database monitoring professionals are beneficial for both the technology expert and client.


Other services in the IT bracket include Web application monitoring services to ensure speed, functionality and uptime of your web applications. Web monitoring includes AJAX, Java, HTML5 and Flash and more. These tools simplify and automate business critical monitoring of web applications.