Remaining 5 Tips for New Quality Bloggers

Welcome to my next article of 9 Tips For New Quality Blogger. Four tips I have shared with you in my previous article. So, now remaining five tips are:

5.) Perfection is overrated and impossible

Your first and second post won’t be perfect. Neither will your 100th. But by writing more and more, you’ll get better. So, keep writing as going is the best way to get better.

6.) You are different

You must know what makes you different from other people? It is your outlook on life, your values, your past and your present all make you different and unique. Don’t compare your voice or your niche as both of those come naturally, if you let them.

7.) Do not check stats

Do not check your stats every day as it may depress you. When I wrote more than 150 posts in which five were great but still no one read my blog. I used to check my stats multiple times every day and all it was depressing me. So do not check your stats much. Just write and enjoy.

8.) Money always comes at last

I used some nice images on the site when I first started blogging. But it was not able to make me billionaire. Bloggers who make real money from it have a ton of readers. I am just making some income from the site with a nice sizeable readership. First content comes, second readers, third engagement and money last.

9.) If you do not care, neither do I

If you are not interested in what you are writing then do not write for the sake of writing, or updating or keeping a schedule. If you are writing every day then you must write something that you want to read every single day. You just keep yourself in place of other people by reading saw the headline of your article and see whether you want to read it or not?

So, these are all about how to start a blog, and get it off the ground? I hope my this article will help you definitely.