7 Reasons Your Business Should Invest in Dedicated Server Hosting

Are you experiencing high webpage load times, constant error messages, or does your server overload often? If so, dedicated server hosting is the solution to all your problems! This informative blog covers seven perks dedicated server hosting provides to your business. 

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

Benefits of Using Dedicated Server Hosting – 

1. Great Value for Money

Unlike shared hosting services, dedicated server hosting plans do not have the option of sharing any resources with other parties, therefore, it is a wise choice for businesses. With no extra costs on virtualization, power, hardware, or management, opt for dedicated hosting services – Linux servers or Windows servers to ensure high uptime and security for your business at an affordable price!

2. Enhanced Control

When you opt for dedicated server hosting in India, you have access to the root administration perks, ensuring you have full control of the services.  Opt for this server hosting technique if you wish to be in control and be able to install or uninstall applications, customize hardware, and optimize settings based on your requirements.

3. Dedicated Resources

In case of a shared server, one server will load over hundreds of websites besides yours. In these hosting services the disk space, processing memory, and resources are shared with third parties, the uptime speed is reduced. Dedicated servers, as the name suggests, do not allow sharing, and thus, are a popular choice among many businesses.

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4. High-Speed Connectivity

Dedicated hosting does not support virtualization, and thus, increases the website loading speed if compared to cloud or VPS server hosting services. If you have the need for speed, dedicated server hosting is a good option for you!

5. Simple and Manageable

Dedicated server hosting in India offers free setup and does not require expert help. Managing the services is in your hands and you have full control. If you wish to opt for a server hosting service that gives you full authority over the service, dedicated hosting is the way to go for you.

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6. No Additional Cost

In case of dedicated server hosting, there is no need for virtualization, hardware, cooling, or management of the servers, making it an affordable option to opt for. Another thing to keep in mind is that the functionalities and overall process a dedicated hosting service uses is simple and not as complex as compared to shared hosting services. The reduced complexity of the procedure dedicating hosting services follow also reduces additional costs.

7. Bundled Bandwidth

It is easy to track your bandwidth usage in case of dedicated hosting. The dedicated server hosting company you choose provides your business with a specific bandwidth, making the managing of server hours efficient and simple.

Bottom Line

When looking for dedicated server hosting services in India, there are various things you need to keep in mind. Opting for dedicated server hosting services not only enhances the speed and performance of your websites but also boosts in organic search. i2k2 Networks provides reputable dedicated server hosting services to meet your needs. For more information on how our dedicated server hosting services can help you grow your business, contact us at +91-120-466 3031 or fill out our contact form.