5 Reasons to Invest in a Fully Managed Dedicated Server

One of the biggest concerns of startups or mid-size organizations is to get a secure network with large storage capacity and bandwidth. Setting up a server of your own is an expensive and a time-consuming affair. That’s why many organizations prefer outsourcing their servers to third party service providers. These providers offer fully managed dedicated servers which not only help to secure your resource-intensive websites but also increases their uptime meanwhile decreasing the downtime. This way organizations save their time, resources and generate revenue without any losses. In this post, we discuss five reasons to invest in a  Fully managed dedicated server. Take a look.

Why Fully Managed Dedicated Server

Why Dedicated Hosting is Best for Your Business

1. Reliability

One of the most important reasons for choosing a fully managed dedicated server is its reliability. Unlike other shared servers where business owners depend on their service providers to ensure whether or not their website maintains the best possible uptime, the dedicated server does not share its resources with any other system. That’s the reason your website performs flawlessly with more uptime and nil downtime.

2. Scalability

Mostly, the business operations whose continuous growth requires a greater network bandwidth and additional server storage according to the demand, fully managed dedicated servers is an ideal choice. It makes your work easier and scale your business without the need of switching to a new server service provider. It allows the organizations to use the server for processing any type of applications according to the business needs.

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3. Flexibility

One of the main reasons why most businesses prefer dedicated servers is the amount of operational flexibility it offers. In shared servers, to maintain the uptime of resource-intensive websites, businesses need to boost the server’s performance by using a number of customized application software. However, there is no need to share the resources with any other website on a dedicated server as the entire web server is yours and can access various applications and software programs.

4. Security

A dedicated server offers a greater level of security and helps to make your website less vulnerable to cyber attacks. It blocks the interaction with the websites that might install malicious software and harm your PC. It helps to install security software by using an administrative access and also allow regular updates of security for important files and websites.   

5. Cost-Effective

Unlike shared or physical servers that have a high maintenance cost, dedicated servers are cost-effective. A team of well-trained IT professionals looks after dedicated servers virtually. You get myriad of virtualized software applications such as Hyper-V, AWS, VMWare without paying any extra cost. Many dedicated server hosting providers in India also offer features such as caching software, increased spam control and unique IP address allocation for your websites.

Wrapping Up

Dedicated servers not only ensure seamless business operations, but also configure and install viable software applications that help businesses to operate smoothly. Dedicated servers focus on a particular task, thereby minimizing the lag in business operations. If you too want to avail the benefits of fully managed dedicated servers, hire a reputable dedicated server hosting services in India to ensure that your organization gets a secure network.