Ransomware Attack- ’Tis the Time to be Prepared

Ransomware Attack- ’Tis the Time to be Prepared

Today, ransomware is a common and well-known threat to organizations. The driving factor behind its success is majorly based on its simple yet effective way of making money from the target organizations. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent a ransomware attack. The only thing you can do is to be prepared for it by limiting its expected impact. According to CT statistics, around 40% of the victims end up paying the ransom out of which 4% do not get the decryption code even after paying the amount. To conclude, it’s a nightmare scenario; however, as long as you see it coming, you can always avoid it.

How do You Prepare for a Ransomware Attack?

Ransomware attack is inevitable. Therefore, if you concentrate on its prevention measures, you will eventually fail as it is impossible to avoid all forms of bugs altogether. Instead, you need to be ready for it. i2k2 Networks helps in softening the ransomware risk with a variety of solutions including security, backup, and API monitoring. Read on to get an overview on each of them.

Security Solutions

Security defenses, if not properly maintained, have reduced effectiveness. Two good examples for this include an antivirus and a firewall. i2k2 Networks follows the required security hygiene and uses Sophos Antivirus tool and Firewall in its data center to protect your organizational data from any kind of malicious attacks and threats. The antivirus software is regularly updated to ensure the detection of the latest threats and helps in avoiding any potential hazards to the security of your data.


Ransomware attacks depend on the victim having a single copy of valuable data, which means the ultimate willingness to pay the asked ransomware amount to regain the lost data. i2k2 Networks ensures minimal loss with setting up the backup of your business-critical information and protecting it from ransomware attacks. Additionally, the restoration time of your business data is far less regardless of your server size.

API Monitoring and Detection

The unique attribute of a ransomware makes it easy to detect, as it differs from other malware. i2k2 Networks uses API monitoring to prevent any malicious attacks on your server and (Application Program Interface) enables you to authenticate and monitor all the incoming traffic on your server. Hence, by implementing API (Application Program Interfaces), you may identify a ransomware and shut it down with no impact on your data.

Wrap Up

Ransomware attacks will be evident and will continue to create a negative impact on target organizations till they remain profitable. Nevertheless, you may prevent your organization from becoming a victim by taking significant actions and minimize the data loss. i2k2 Networks alleviates the risks with its cost-effective solutions. If you want to make sure your organization is secure, talk with i2k2 professionals for a detailed discussion.