Ping is a Social Networking Garment

If you have focused continuously on the success stories of the social networking sites lately then you might have missed the new technological jargon that has been shaping up for a while.

Ping developed by Jennifer Darmour, is a social networking garment which is new in the line to become niche with our Facebook and Twitter-crazed Gen-X. Ping would keep your friends automatically updated on your status by using simple gestures like putting on and taking off the hood. All it takes is a Facebook application to customize different messages to different groups of friends. This garment uses the Lilypad and Lilypad Xbee with custom software to interface with Facebook, means the garment is designed to tune to your taps.

Ping is a wonderful and a great example of a project that uses the embedded technology to grow our social experiences and enrich our interactions with each other and our environments.

So, now what do you want to say about Ping?