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Sitemap Importance

Using google sitemap can benefit you in many ways, it accelerate the speed of your site in terms of the changes you made through updating google index, as google get aware of any changes and updates t...
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Link Baiting

SEO experts usually recommend to use hook in linkbaiting that not just attack the weakness of others but it should blended with positive and constructive alertness with suitable alternatives especiall...
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Name server setup for Dedicated server

Greetings, If you have a new VPS or a dedicated server with cpanel and are looking for some document on guidance how to set the name server for it the here is the step by step to do it. 1. First you w...
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Improve Startup Times in Window Vista

Windows loads a number of programs while it starts automatically, most of the time you won’t need many of them which usually slow down the startup time while loading. However You can control what pr...
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Hosting Products

Following are the hosting products Dedicated Private & Virtual Racks A dedicated private rack from i2k2 offers you the perfect combination of efficiency and availability so you get exactly the amo...
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