Optimize your images for Search engines, Social media and people

Image search optimization is the process of organizing the content of your webpage to increase relevance to a specific keyword on image search engines. Its aim is to achieve a high ranks on image search engine results and therefore increasing the volume of traffic from search engines.

So, I am here to tell you how can you Optimize your images for search engines, social media and people.

For search engines:

•    Keywords in alt text, text around the image name, image, page title
•    Separate SE accessible image folder
•    Preferred image formatting: jpg
•    Image freshness which means re-uploading your images to keep them fresh
•    Reasonable image file size
•    Limited number of images per page
•    Enabled image search option at Google webmaster tool
•    Reliable and Popular photo sharing hosting (for e.g. Flickr is reported to help in Yahoo! image optimization)

For social media:

•    Always use really great images to give your readers another reason to spread the word
•    Stick to jpg format to get Digg thumbnailed submission and be sure that the images can be resized to160×160 pixels unless you have a resizable image that can be that way Digg will not offer the submitter a thumbnail to go with the post.

For people:

•    Always choose high quality images as people pay more attention to a clear an defined image where they can see details
•    Don’t use abstract images too often as clean and clear faces in an image get more eye fixation
•    Keep the images relevant because while looking at a printed article people see images first; with web page they see text first- nevertheless images make the visitor stay and remember the page via relevant associations

I hope these tips will be very helpful for you.