Open Source Development

After working so many years on Microsoft Technologies, I am thinking to start with the Open Source Development as well. Already started Email  Servers on Linux and soon will be starting Linux hosting after selling lot of servers on Windows Platform. Although I am myself not a programmer or system administrator, but I love to have overview of the technology and I am aware of this most of the time.

So now i2k2 will be rocking in the field of open source development as well and I am sure that I will be able to make a team of good of the Open Source developers as well as have done for Microsoft technologies.  I stuck at times because  I don’t have the PHP developers, so I want to come out of that restrictions and I am sure this is going to be a good move.

This will also help me in using standard packages for blogging, CMS, Forums etc and it will benefit clients also for sure. Once again stability of the Linux attracts and I always believe that if the application is developed properly they are more robust than the applications developed in the Microsoft Technologies.

I think I will start with 2 developers and slowly will increase it, depends on the response from the market and my clients.


Kamleshwar Bhatt is the COO of i2k2 Networks.