Office 365 vs G Suite: Which one suits best for your business?

The market is loaded with all kinds of productivity applications nowadays. Obviously, Microsoft and Google, the two very big service providers, are in continuous competition with each other to avail the best-suited applications to its users, not only to keep the old customers intact but also to lure the new ones too. Two of the best applications present these days are: G Suite by Google and Office 365 by Microsoft. Both the applications offer communication tools and file storage along with office tools. Here we have explained which one best suits your business – Office 365 vs G Suite.

It is important to think carefully about two important factors before proceeding with any one of them.

Need for your organization – You need to reconsider both the functional and non-functional factors of your organization. Functional factors include productivity and collaboration whereas the non –functional factors focus on SLAs, requirements of your strategic alliances in terms of features and benefits.

Need of Employees – A better work balance and satisfied employees are the key to success and growth for any organization. So, it is necessary to think about them before taking the decision as what are they using now and will they be comfortable enough to work in the new environment.

For organizations, switching to cloud, Office 365 and G Suite is the most prevalent cloud-based productivity tools. So, let’s just compare both the application models to get to know some real differences between them before we start working with them.

Office 365 versus G Suite comparison

– Some of the factors that can help you choose among them are:

Information Protection

  • Office 365 – With the right management and data loss protection policies offered by Office 365 the information is kept intact. The Right management Features are kept at an email/file level regardless of their transactions and storage. On the other hand, the data loss protection capabilities cover email, sites, and files.
  • G Suite – Just as O365, G Suite offers both right management and data loss protection. The right Management feature allows the users to disable downloading, printing and copying of any specific Google Drive file, but only if it stays within google ecosystem. Whereas, the data loss protection only covers Gmail.

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  • Office 365 – Microsoft O365 offers a service level agreement of 99.9% with its users. The on-demand services are scalable and depend on the specific requirements of the organizations.
  • G Suite – On the other hand, Google also guarantees a service level agreement of 99.9% among its users. The on-demand services are specific to the customer’s requirements and are highly scalable.

Cloud Storage

  • Office 365: Offers 1 TB of online cloud storage per users, regardless of the plan chosen by the customers.
  • G Suite: Offers 30 GB of online Cloud storage per user basic accounts or unlimited storage for business, team or enterprise accounts having at least 5 active users.

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Online Applications

  • Office 365 – It provides easy-to-use online versions of various applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
  • G Suite – G Suite offers online versions of some of their popular applications such as Gmail, Hangouts, Drive and Docs. Many customers find the G Suite apps superior to the Microsoft applications.


  • Office 365 – The documents views and user experiences of O365 are consistent regardless of the device being used. Users can easily access the documents being online or offline.
  • G Suite – In the case of G Suite, documents views and user experiences are inconsistent, and offline capabilities are limited. Also, G Suite does not allow the users to share Office documents unless they are converted to Google format. This sometimes may lead to formatting issues. This makes the O365 more popular choice.

Bottom Line

It is important to consider the differences between these two application platforms before taking down any user agreement. G Suite might be taken into consideration for small enterprises as for them there are enough features that can help them expand their business. Whereas Microsoft Office 365 can be purchased when employees are accustomed to the standard products of Microsoft.

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