National Seminar on Web Technology

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Noida, India, Feb 21st, 2009/i2k2 Networks/

Mr. Rahul Aggarwal, CEO of i2k2 Networks Pvt. Ltd., has shared his experience and knowledge about Web Technology in a Seminar organized by I.T.S Ghaziabad. On this event he focused on the Web Technology and Power of Internet.

i2k2 Networks Pvt.Ltd

He said “We are seeing the power and importance of Internet. It is impossible to make any country develop with out the help of internet.  In starting of the internet or you can say in first decade of the internet Web 1.0 was introduced. That was the development of the internet services, after that in second decade of the internet Web 2.0 came. It gave us the huge facilities. It enables users to connect with each other. Facebook, Orkut and other social media sites are the great example of Web2.0 technologies. Now, coming market is in Web 3.0 Technology. It will make web much smarter and will create the great impact in IT field. We should aware about the latest technologies.”

i2k2 Networks Pvt.Ltd

One student asked a query to Mr. Aggarwal about the possibility of traveling via internet. In the answer of the query Mr. Aggarwal said” It’s not impossible. We can shop, we can pay bills, and we can book railway tickets, plane tickets via internet. When the internet was introduced no one would imagine that we will take such type of services from the internet in future. So you can imagine the power of internet”

i2k2 Networks Pvt.Ltd

At the end of the seminar, He said that i2k2 Networks is committed to give best and advance web services in affordable price to the client.

i2k2 Networks Pvt.Ltd

He said, i2k2 Networks the Web hosting, Web Design, Web Development and SEO Company has decided to expand its Web Services in global market.

i2k2 Networks Pvt.Ltd

Giving the best wishes to the student he stopped his words.


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